Karate Perth Western Australia WA Martial Arts Self Defence Defense Goju  
Karate Perth Western Australia WA Martial Arts Self Defence Defense Goju    
Leon Spiccia was introduced to karate by his father, and along with his father and two brothers, Leon Started karate in 1989 under Sensei Robert Allen. The Spiccia family have enjoyed family bonding though karate since.

karate perth western australia

Leon, Leo and Duanne Spiccia (1992)

Leo Spiccia (Leon's Father) started karate in the late 1960’s under Yasunobu Nagai, a pioneer of karate in Australia and the first to introduce Goju Ryu into Western Australia. Mr Nagai has some notable students including, Brian Mackie (IGKA Australian Head Instructor) and Keith Hill. Leo Spiccia retired from karate in the 1970’s to dedicate more time to his family.

karate perth western australia

Yasunobu Nagai



Leon has enjoyed competing in Sports karate through the Australian Karate Federation since 1990 and competed locally, Nationally and Internationally. In 2004, Leon retired from competition with the arrival of his and his wifes (kristy) first child. His competition achievements include:

  • 5 Times State Champion.

  • Goju Kai World Championships 1999 – 4th Male Kata

  • National Championships 2001 – 1st Male Team Kata.

  • National Championships 2001 – 3rd Male Kata.

  • State Team Vice Captain 2001 – 2002

  • Australian Open 2002 – 1st Male Team Kata

  • National Championships 2002 – 2nd Male Team Kata

  • World Championships 2002 – 5th Male Team Kata

  • Australian Open Championships 2004 – 3rd Male Kata.


From 2001-2008 Leon assisted in coaching the West Australian State Kata Team under the direction of Head Kata Coach Eric Ho. Leon has also produced many tournament champions including National Champion Cathy Arts and multiple time State Champion Jocelyn Watson.

In 2003 Leon was accepted as a student of Kenshu H. Watanabe and has since dedicated his time to study and teach this orthodox style of Goju Ryu Karate Do.



West Australian Goju Ryu Karate Do are proud supporters of Reach Out Youth Services

Karate Perth Western Australia WA Martial Arts Self Defence Defense Goju

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