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Our Style : Goju Ryu

The name goju ryu means hard soft style and was created by Chojun Miyagi. He took this name from a line in the "Bubishi" (a classical text on martial arts and other subjects). This line, which appears in a poem describing the eight precepts of the martial arts reads, "Ho Goju Donto" (the way of breathing is hardness and softness).There were seven main Students of Miyagi: Seiko Higa, Jin'an Shinzato, Meitoku Yagi, Ei'ichi Miyazato, Jitsuei Yogi, Koshin Iha and Yukinori Uehara. Each student had a different interpretation or were taught differently by Chojun Miyagi so what may be characteristic of one ryuha (sect) is not of the other. However there are some characteristics that are often excepted as typical goju ryu. These include:

Dynamic breathing including, the breathing exercise known as "Ibuki", which incorporates external breathing - Yo Ibuki, a strong vocal hiss which emphasises dynamic tension, and internal breathing - In Ibuki; which is nasal and is performed with techniques. The use of this exercise creates deep abdominal development and rejuvenation of energy. The whole body is exercised both internally and externally. This exercise is the basis for the kata Sanchin. When performed correctly this kata develops strength, muscle 'hardness', power generation. It is evident that goju ryu emphasises correct breathing within its practice because of the line from the bubishi that the style was named. "Ho Goju Donto" (the way of breathing is hardness and softness).

The name goju ryu means hard soft style and another characteristic of goju ryu is the use of both hard and soft techniques. Many soft techniques can be similar to Aikido and the use of the opponents force, as well as circular blocks and deflections. The principle of the 'hard and soft' is from a story told by Chojun Miyagi when he was visiting southern china. Chojun Miyagi saw a white crane resting on the top of a tile roof. Startled by the appearance of a human, the crane flew off suddenly, with its wings breaking several tiles on the roof. Chojun Miyagi was amazed by how something so soft as the feathers of a bird could break something so hard.

In Okinawan and the Japanese mainland today, the ryuha (sects) of Goju ryu can be divided into 3 groups: Okinawan Goju, Goju Kai and Ichikawa Goju. These schools can be divided due to their similarities in kata and principles, although exceptions exist.

Okinawan Goju includes the ryuha Meibukan, Jundokan, Shoreikan and ryuha which originate from these schools. These schools fundamentally place emphasis on Hojo undo (supplementary exercises) and strengthening the body.

Gogen Yamaguchi was taught goju ryu by Jitsuei Yogi and trained briefly with Chojun Miyagi and Meitoku Yagi. He later came to create the school known as the Goju Kai. Goju Kai and its divisions was and still is the most popular style of goju ryu in mainland japan, primarily due to Gogen Yamaguchi efforts in prompting goju ryu and his popular instruction at the Ritsumei Kan University.

Sosui Ichikawa learnt goju ryu from Kanki Izumikawa. This style varies from the other two mainly due to two influential masters in its lineage. The first was Seiko Higa who was a student of Kanryo Higashionna and Chojun Miyagi. Kanryo Higashionna was also Chojun Miyagi's teacher. This goes to state that Seiko Higa's karate was influenced not only by Chojun Miyagi but also Chojun Miyagi teacher. Interesting enough, the Goju Ryu of Seiko Higa has similarities with To'on Ryu and Shito Ryu, whose founders were students of Kanryo Higashionna, that are not evident in other Goju Ryu Ryuha. Seiko Higa was regarded as an assistant instructor to Chojun Miyagi and the best technician of all his students. The Second Influential Master was Sosui Ichikawa, who is widely regarded as a karate genius. Sosui Ichikawa revolutionized many aspects of his Goju Ryu and was strongly influenced by many other Karate Masters including Yochuku Higa (a student of Jin'an Shinzato).

West Australian Goju Ryu Karate Do teaches Goju Ryu from Ichikawa Goju Ryu as taught to Leon Spiccia from Hanshi Kenshu Watanabe. Leon Spiccia has been fortunate enough to have trained in all three of the main Goju Ryu groups, including: IKGA Goju kai, Meibukan Goju Ryu and Ichikawa Goju Ryu.




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Karate Perth Western Australia WA Martial Arts Self Defence Defense Goju

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