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Seiko Higa (1889-1966)

Seiko Higa was born on November 18, 1889 in Naha City, Okinawa. He began training at the age of 14 with Master Kanryo Higashionna in the study of Naha-Te. In 1915 after the death of Master Higaonna, Master Higa continued his study of Naha-Te with Master Chojun Miyagi, a senior student of Master Higashionna.

Seiko Higa’s father was a close friend of Kanryo Higaonna. He advised Kanryo Higaonna to accept students and have successors when Higaonna returned from China.

Seiko Higa was also a relative of Anko Itosu of Shuri-Te style. Anko Itosu taught young Higa when Higa still worked as a policeman in Shuri.

At the age of 21, Master Higa began teaching elementary school and later worked with the police. In 1932, he decided to make teaching karate his profession. He taught the police and opened a Dojo in Kumoji (a suburb of Naha). This was one of three Dojo which Master Miyagi authorized to give instruction.

karate perth western australia

Master Higa spent two years teaching in Saipan (Indonesia) and upon returning to Okinawa he received, from the Butokukai, the rank of Renshi (equivalent to 7th Dan).

After Word War II and the unfortunate death of his wife, he came to live with Seikichi Toguchi and in 1947, with the assistance of Toguchi, opened the Higa Dojo in Itoman. This was the first Dojo opened in Okinawa after the war.

Master Higa was considered the best technician of all of Miyagi's students and his favourite kata were Tensho and Kururunfa.

Notable students of Master Higa were Mr Yamahiro, Mr Choboku Takamine, Mr Seikichi Toguchi, Mr Kanki Izumikawa, Mr Seiko Fukuchi, Mr Seikichi Higa, Mr Juei Tamaki, Mr Seiko Kina, Mr Soko Yamakawa, Mr Choshin Ishimine and Mr Saburo Higa.

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Kanki Izumikawa (Sengukan kan)  1909 to 1967

[karate perth western australia]

Seikichi Toguchi (Shorei kan) 1917 - 1998

Master Higa was a recipient from Master Miyagi of the Bubishi Masters degree and inturn pasted it on to his student, Kanki Izumikawa to Sosui Ichikawa to Masashi Sudo to Hanshi Kenshu Watanabe.



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Karate Perth Western Australia WA Martial Arts Self Defence Defense Goju

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